We are a daughter and mama team creating goodness for everyone to enjoy.

Juliette is the daughter part of the team, she is the Founder, CEO & Executive Chef of Coconut Bird, creator of all foods remarkably tasty, nutrient dense and totally dreamy.

With a degree in Holistic Nutrition and a French Chef for a Papa, Juliette knows her way around our bodies nutritional needs and she knows her way around the kitchen, cooking meals for family and friends, giving everyone beautiful dishes, always made using the best ingredients possible, especially the most important ingredient, LOVE!

In addition, our products are not full of empty calories or lifeless ingredients.

She created Coconut Bird® out of her love for good food and to nurture others. Also to fulfill the need to have delicious, satisfying treats that don’t contain dairy (no moo), or any other animal products, are completely organic (no gmo-ew), gluten-free (no goo), vegan superfoods with living goodness!  By combining foods that contain beneficial fats, vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, with thought and finesse! 

Jill “Spill” is the Mama of the team, providing encouragement, business experience, love and art! http://www.spillart.com

The little red birdie logo was inspired by a painting Juliette made when she was a little one, Jill took it a step further and made it into the brand’s logo, packaging and merchandise.

With the support of family and friends and the bounty of nature, we are overjoyed to share Coconut Bird® with you!

2013-05-12 11.47.04
Juliette Fressinier Founder, CEO, Executive Chef Coconut Bird, Inc.
and Jill “Spill” Fressinier aka The Mama, Co-CEO & Art Director

Spill Art Website:  http://www.spillart.com